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is eco styler gel safe

I guess this is following Ecocoinc, the company that produces the gel's clap back in response to the backlash on social media and by updating their website to include an "About Our Ingredients" section, which provides some clarifications for some of the concerns consumers brought to light. 153 Views. Triethanolamine is an ingredient that is used to stabilize hair product, neutralize fatty acids and thicken formulas. !’ – well have a read of Lorraine Massey’s book or watch a few of the abundance of youtube videos and you will understand. I used it as part of the max hydration method a few times. border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); $14.54 $ 14. Reply . A month later, and the dust has settled and follow up videos have emerged on YouTube, saying that Eco Styler Gel is no longer cancelled. Eco Styler Gel is a staple for many naturals, and if you’re a college student, it should be one of yours too. We had to accept that a full ceremony with our loved ones could not be possible until 2021. I'm getting nervous. word-wrap:break-word;" target="_top">

After all the natural gurus cancelled Eco Styler, the brand decided to speak up and explain that their ingredients in the product. Join us in the xoTribe Members Community today!, Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger Styling Gel, Aunt Jackie's Don't Shrink Elongating Flaxseed Ge, Check Out These Natural Ways To Get Thicker Eyelashes & Eyebrows - xoNecole: Women's Interest, Love, Wellness, Beauty ›, 6 Alternatives Now That Eco Styler Gel Is Cancelled - Trials N Tresses ›, Is Eco Styler Gel Really Canceled?